Bringing lasers and jets back to the stone age

Our goal is to provide you rock solid satisfaction

House of Granite is New Jersey’s leading natural stone importer, skilled custom installer, and devoted creative partner. We believe granite is not just the final touch, but a toplevel component of your entire project. That’s why we make it our job to plan with you from the very start.
As specialists of the high-end project, we bring that same vision and precision to mid-market jobs. Whether you’re developing a private estate or renovating your townhome, we are your rock.

Who we are


who insist on doing all cutting in house and within 1,000th of an inch.


Who maintain a team of designers to guide every step of your project.


Who carry NJ’s largest stone selection and technical know-how.


Who provide unmatched service and unbeatable turnaround speed.

Auto-Match Measuring

Our next-gen templater reads the smallest room details, including imperfect wall lines, angles and crevices—and corrects the layout to compensate. The result is not just a stone that fits, but meticulous alignment with all appliances, cabinets and counters.

Vein Matching

Our system tracks your chosen slab at all times and assigns specific machines, time slots, human finisher, and QA inspector. Choose your favorite vein sections and our Slabsmith cuts and bookmatches them so the final product is all in the same vein.

Zero-Gap Installation

In our synchronized, dust-free environment, precise lasers and trained eyes cut stone to within 1,000th of an inch. That leads to a perfect installation where everything fits like a glove. And with our signature seamless finish, your granite looks poured in place.

TopZero Sink Edge

Getting a perfect sink edge with the sough-after TopZero rimless sink involves a difficult, patented process. Where few installers in the nation are capable of delivering the right fit, we have mastered it for a luxurious, integrated sink look.

Meet our Rockstars™

To serve your home, we keep our House in order. Every templater, fabricator and installer is incentivized and rewarded for excellence. Expect them to exceed your expectations.